Autocube Distributor Pinta Dip Braga

Autocubo Distribuidor Pinta Dip Braga - Autocubo

Autocubo is, as of today, the official distributor of Pinta Dip products in Braga and throughout the country through the online store.

For those familiar with Dip paints, "Pinta Dip" needs no introduction: it is one of the most internationally known brands for the quality and diversity of its products.

For those who don't know, dip paint is a liquid paint that, after drying, turns into a film and can be removed without leaving any marks.

Its application is wide ranging from rims, grilles, trims or the complete bodywork of your car.

Due to this characteristic, dip ink is also known as liquid vinyl.

Choose your color now to give your car a new life.