Headlight Polishing Restoration

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Car headlights are a fundamental element for drivers' visibility when driving at night. As such, its maintenance requires particular attention from the driver.

Why should we polish headlights

Over time and mainly due to the action of UV rays, the headlights begin to become opaque, dull and yellowish, thus reducing their ability to light the road.

In addition to the aesthetic part, the degradation of the optics can jeopardize the effectiveness of the headlights and, consequently, your safety and that of other motorists.

As such, headlight polishing is a very common operation, and there are several products on the market that allow the driver to polish his car's headlights without resorting to the work of a professional.

Headlight polishing kit:

There are several headlight polishing kits on the market, some of which are applied with the aid of a polishing machine and others where polishing is manual.

A good headlight polishing kit should include:

  • Polishing compound - to remove scratches and dullness.

  • Polishing pads - for rubbing the compound onto the headlight.

  • Sealant - to protect the headlight from future wear.