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BE DIFFERENT, this is the slogan of the German car customization brand that has been developing innovative products for over 35 years that allow you to carry out an individual vehicle design in a simple and inexpensive way. And it can even be done by yourself! From a small detail to a complete vehicle change - the possibilities are endless.

FOLIATEC has always noticed trends and valued proximity to the customer. Our multifaceted portfolio is popular at home and abroad and expands every year.

Following the motto BE DIFFERENT, it aims to continue to develop personalization products that allow drivers to redesign their car.

FOLIATEC became an established brand for tinted window films in the 1980's, since then many new sprays, varnishes and accessories have been added to the portfolio.

A highlight is, without a doubt, the Carbody Spray Film developed especially for painting entire cars. As well as the popular spray film, which can be applied to various products such as rims or grilles, it can also be easily applied and removed.

And the FOLIATEC DIY spray system, developed with WAGNER, the world's leading manufacturer of surface treatment products, is a convenient kit that you can use even if you have no automotive painting experience.

Its high-temperature paints in different colors are also noteworthy, widely used by professionals and car detailing houses.

In addition to innovative products, it also has the necessary tools for its professional application.
If you are looking for a change of appearance or even a kind of metamorphosis, check out FOLIATEC's creative products