Carbon Vinyl Film

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Customize or renew your car using carbon film.

Carbon gives your car a bold, modern style, giving the interior and exterior a sporty look.

This material can be applied both inside and outside your car. It is widely used to make some details in the car such as trims, consoles, roof or bonnet grilles.

With air release system specially designed to facilitate application in car wrapping.

Recommended application with a heat gun or dryer to apply on curved surfaces and on the edges of the cloth.

Carbon Fiber 3d or 5d? What's the difference?

It is one of the most recurring questions. After all, what is the difference in finishing between the two films?

The 3D is characterized by a matte finish with an embossed texture, unlike the 5D which has a glossy layer and a smooth finish. Both share the same pattern with the 5D having an additional glossy layer.

The 3D is less thick than the 5D and is therefore more flexible and simpler to apply on curved surfaces by applicators with less experience in Car Wrapping.

We can therefore recommend 3D for more complex work on more difficult surfaces, with 5D perfect for large flat surfaces such as bonnets or roofs.

How to apply carbon vinyl to interior trim?

You can see in this video a tutorial on how to make the application .