vinyl film for cars

Car Wrapping

Vinyl for cars with a matt, glossy, satin finish, among others.

Here you will find everything you need to car wrap your car.

We also have approved window films, PPF films and all accessories for easy application.

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Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Película Vinil Carbono 5D Azul - Autocubo

Blue 5D Carbon Vinyl Film

$14.00 – $164.00
Película Vinil Carbono 5D Cinza Prata - Autocubo

5D Carbon Vinyl Film Silver Gray

$14.00 – $118.00

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Vinyl is considered by many to be the "new paint" . Easy to apply and with a huge diversity of colors, brightness and textures, vinyl is capable of giving a new life to the interior or exterior of your car in a few minutes and at a reduced price.

Where to buy vinyl for cars?

At Autocubo you can find a wide variety of vinyl and skins for your car in the size that meets your needs.

Among the various options, we highlight:
3D and 5D Carbon Fiber Films, Mirror Chrome Vinyl, Glossy Glossy Vinyl, Matt Vinyl, Protective and Darkening Films for Headlights and Glass .

What are our film brands?

Hexis Graphics

Specialist manufacturer of high performance cast vinyl films specially designed for car wrapping. Hexis has been on the market since 1989 and is recognized for having some of the best vinyls available today.

light up

Manufacturer specialized in window tinting films for automobiles. Llumar has darkening films approved for Portugal with various degrees of darkening that you can apply to the windows behind the B-pillar of your car.

Our Brands