Dip Paint Cleaning Products

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We have available a complete range of products needed for surface preparation, surface cleaning or dip paint removal. We recommend the use of these products for proper maintenance and durability of the paintwork.

surface preparation products

The Pre-Cleaner product is the product indicated for preparing the surface to receive the dip paint. With great cleaning and degreasing power, the Pre-Cleaner is essential to ensure perfect paint adhesion.

Cleaning products

You can clean a surface with dip paint using dry cleaners and wet cleaners.

cleaning with water

Dip shampoo is the product indicated for cleaning paintings with dip paint, either with a matte finish or a glossy finish. It is a concentrate to be diluted in water and which provides a lubricating surface that protects and hinders the deposition of dirt.

Dry cleaning

2 waterless cleaners are available. Clean + Protect Matte is recommended for matt paintwork and Clean + Protect Gloss for glossy clearcoat paintwork.

Both options provide additional protection that makes it difficult for dirt to adhere to the surface.

Removal Products

If you need to remove splashes or thin layers of dip paint, Dip Remover is the right solution. Dissolves and facilitates paint removal.