Matte Spray Dip Paint

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400ml Liquid Dip Vinyl Spray Paint with a matt finish for painting small surfaces. Allows you to give a renewed look to paintings in poor condition on the most diverse surfaces: metal, plastic, wood, glass, among others.

Dip paint is an easy-to-apply, removable plastic paint that can be applied to any non-porous surface and is easily removed after drying without leaving a residue.

Application mode

For best results avoid direct sunlight, high humidity and a windy environment.
Apply at an ambient temperature of approximately 20º. The application surface must also be at 20º to obtain the best result and finish.
After it is applied and dried, it develops a thin and smooth coating similar to automotive vinyl.

Each Liquid Vinyl Spray includes two diffusers. The white diffuser for small and medium parts and the red diffuser for large parts.

Quantity Estimate for the rims

Depending on the diameter of the rims, you may need two, three or four 400ml spray cans.
The values ​​shown below are indicative and may vary depending on the shape of the wheels, the color used to paint or the original color of the wheel.
4 15 inch rims: 2 cans
4 16 inch rims: 2 cans
4 17 inch rims: 3 cans
4 18 inch rims: 3 cans
4 19 inch rims: 4 cans
4 20 inch rims: 4 cans

Dip paint: application examples

Below we leave some videos of application of Dip paint on rims