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Dip Paint is plastic paint that is completely removable after drying and can be applied at home in a simple way on rims or trims.

You can also completely paint your car in an economical way.

After application, the paint forms a film that can be removed without leaving a mark.

Due to this characteristic, dip ink is also known as liquid vinyl.

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Dip paint is a removable plastic paint that can be applied very easily to your wheels, mirrors, trims or even the complete bodywork of your car.

After application, the paint forms a film that can be easily removed after drying without leaving residue. Due to this characteristic, dip ink is also known as liquid vinyl.

It can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces and has a lifespan of 5 years. You can double the longevity by applying a layer of protective 3k nail polish.

Autocubo is the official distributor of the Pinta Dip brand in Braga.

Dip ink: application mode

For best results avoid direct sunlight, high humidity and a windy environment.
Apply at an ambient temperature of approximately 20º. The application surface must also be at 20º to obtain the best result and finish.
After it is applied and dried, it develops a thin and smooth coating similar to automotive vinyl.

Each Liquid Vinyl Spray includes two diffusers. The white diffuser for small and medium parts and the red diffuser for large parts.

Dip paint: Step by step application

1 - Shake the liquid vinyl spray can vigorously for at least two minutes. You should shake the spray can regularly during application.

2 - Hold the spray can 20 to 30 centimeters from the surface to be painted. Move the can fluidly from side to side. Press the canister valve firmly to achieve a uniform wet mist.

3 - Respect the minimum drying time between coats of approximately 15 minutes at an ambient temperature of 20º. Apply the necessary layers until you achieve the desired coverage in a minimum of 6 layers.

4 - Respect the minimum drying time of 4 hours after the last layer at a temperature of 20º before using the object.


The ink adhesion reaches its maximum point after curing time between 12 and 24 hours.
Thoroughly clean the surface to be applied. The surface must be free of grease, residues and dry.

Quantity Estimate for the rims

Depending on the diameter of the rims, you may need two, three or four 400ml cans of dip paint.
The values ​​shown below are indicative and may vary depending on the shape of the wheels and the color used.
4 15 inch rims: 2 cans
4 16 inch rims: 2 cans
4 17 inch rims: 3 cans
4 18 inch rims: 3 cans
4 19 inch rims: 4 cans
4 20 inch rims: 4 cans

Dip paint: application examples

Below are some videos of dip paint application on rims and complete car painting with liquid vinyl .

Dip paint on rims

Complete car application

paint dip

Our Dip paints and the respective cleaning products are from Pinta Dip, a reference brand in the sector of paints and other products for the automotive sector.