Dip Paint Can 4lts

Liquid Vinyl

Dip Paint is plastic paint that is completely removable after drying and can be applied at home in a simple way on rims or trims.

You can also completely paint your car in an economical way.

After application, the paint forms a film that can be removed without leaving a mark.

Due to this characteristic, dip ink is also known as liquid vinyl.

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Dip paint in 4 liter cans for painting large surfaces by the Pinta Dip brand. Allows you to give a renewed look to paintings in poor condition on the most diverse surfaces: metal, plastic, wood, glass, among others.

Available in different colors and brightness: matte, metallic, pearl, chameleon, neon fluorescent and transparent finish to protect your car's original color.

It can be applied on external and internal surfaces for painting vehicles, grilles, rims and friezes. It is an easy-to-apply innovative paint with excellent coverage and elasticity.

Autocubo is the official distributor of Pinta Dip in Braga.

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Our Dip paints and the respective cleaning products are from Pinta Dip, a reference brand in the sector of paints and other products for the automotive sector.