3K Spray Varnish

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3K Car Spray Varnish available in matt finish or glossy finish by Pinta Dip brand.
The application of varnish, in addition to giving shine in the case of gloss varnish, also protects the car's paint, increasing its longevity.

How to apply 3k spray varnish

For best results, avoid direct sunlight, an environment with more than 50% humidity and a windy environment.
Apply at an ambient temperature of 24ºC and humidity below 45% to obtain a better result and finish.
After being well applied and dry, it develops a protective layer on the dip similar to an acrylic painting.
Before proceeding with the definitive application of the 3K varnish, carry out the appropriate tests on an alternative surface.

This protective varnish resists fuels, is more resistant to scratches and allows the paint to be polished.
Increases paint longevity to 10 years. Removable whenever applied over 6 layers of dip paint and with a glossy or matte finish.

After applying the last coat of paint, wait at least 24 hours for the solvents to evaporate and for it to be dry to the touch.
After 24 hours, apply a first thin coat of 3k varnish and wait 8 minutes at a temperature of 24°C between coats, a total of 3 coats maximum.
Wait at least 3 hours after the last coat for complete drying.